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What? Grumpytom is evolving!

2012-05-25 11:06:35 by ZombieWhale

I'm back for the third stage of my Evolution. Couldn't get back to my 'Grumpytom' account because I have no idea which email I used which is a shame but I'll make sure everyone knows its me. Anyway it's great to be back after a Year of no posts or contact and yes I have many an artwork to share :)


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2012-05-25 13:39:37

I am almost sure Wade could help you with the e-mail. Did you try that? If not then RIP GrumpyTom & long live ZombieWhale!

ZombieWhale responds:

That's true I could contact Wade and get my old name back but as the day has gone on I feel I prefer ZombieWhale more :)

Thanks anyway bro.


2012-05-26 03:51:07

I never heard of your old account but I looked at your (currently) only art piece and it's good. Please upload more soon.


2012-06-25 16:21:25

Finish le whale sketch and put up the sketch of us! ... please :)